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Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! I am very much ok and excited about the future. And I am very happy and excited to share the direction I feel God is leading me. I am at the moment back in Tijuana Mexico, and one day I was a the store getting some groceries (I don’t know if you know, but the elderly people bagging your groceries here, are not paid, what you give is their salary), and as I was getting done paying and the old lady was done bagging my groceries, I felt an urge to give her more than I had planned. And I heard the Holy Spirit saying loud and clear: You are not called to be a common person. You are called to the poor and to generosity. As I kept praying about this, I felt I needed to share this with you all, because this is exactly the way I live my life. I don’t live as a common person, I live my life taking some risks at times, some times it might look crazy. But always paying close attention to the direction God is pointing.

My heart breaks for those in need. Not only monetary need, but in need of Jesus. There’s a phrase I read once and I’m sure some of you have read it or seen it. It goes: There are people so poor in this world, that all they have is money. Yes, my passion is to help the homeless and families with no roof. A reason for that is that I love constriction and working with my hands. But, my calling is to expand the kingdom of God, even beyond what my passion is. Matt 28:19-20

There’s so much I never really shared with many people, as they were things God spoke to me since 2009 when I came to YWAM. Only a hand full of people heard this things, and not because I didn’t want to share, mainly because most of our conversations centered around Homes of Hope, and most people know me as Felipe the A builder, not as much more than that. And that is amazing, but I know I am capable of so much more. God has put the desire to help communities around the world with more than just homes, He gave me a passion to the muslim years ago, a passion that in all honesty, I forgot. But He didn’t. With this being said, I would love to share more if you’d like to call, text or email me. I just  don’t want to make this text too long (maybe to late for that!) 🙂

Last year I met a beautiful girl from South Korea and I shared about her in my last newsletter. And ever since, we both felt more and more this was a God given relationship. She is now my fiancĂ© and planning a wedding early next year, to then move to Tanzania to help and eventually take over a ministry her parents built for 23 years. It started a small school that kept growing and it’s not a school that holds about 1000 students a year. Secondary school is actually boarding school, which gives more opportunities to spend time with these kids. The main religions of these country is muslim, which I do not take as a coincidence. Through the years, they also build relationships around the city of Dar es Salaam, in a community in particular they have built great relationships, this is a tribe that hasn’t been reached by the modern world (because they want it that way), but have accepted them to receive help in clothing, wells, medical and church planting. The perfect location to build homes and community development outreaches! As they keep working in that region, opportunities to do more keep coming up. More recently, they started expanding the facilities of the school to be able to better serve the students and also they started working on opening a hospital. When I heard all this my heart started getting very excited because they have been doing everything we have been wanting to do through Homes of Hope. But, the only thing missing now, is the building of homes, which when they found out that her daughter’s boyfriend (me), builds homes, they were very excited. Finding a girl who shares such a heart not only to help people, but to really be excited about what I do and who I am, was something unexpected when I arrived in Europe. And believe me, I did not expect things to go the way they went in Lausanne and I truly am very sorry it didn’t go as planned, but my heart and calling remain exactly the same, and I will continue moving forward. Because God was the one who called me to serve Him, and I will remain in my calling!

Thank you, I love and very much appreciate each and everyone of you, and I look forward to continue partnering together to bring the kingdom of God to earth, anywhere and in anyway that He leads.

Click HERE to watch a video I made in which I try to expand more about the last months and months to come.

Here’s a few photos of the ministry in Tanzania in which I will be volunteering and bringing the building of homes to and also of my fiancĂ© and her parents:

Me and Ye-Ji at one of the graduations at YWAM Lausanne.

Meet Ye-Ji’s mom at a graduation.

This is Ye-Ji’s dad.

I shared with about 250 of the student one night.

They plat soccer once a week, and I got to play with them. I also gave away my Mexican jersey and my soccer shoes I had just bought.

Worship time with the students!