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Hi!! This is my very first newsletter of the year. And I have the feeling that this year is gonna be one of many news! Which I am very excite to share some of them with you already.

To start, I’d like to inform you, that I have already landed began the process of establishing Homes of Hope in Europe. With the main hub in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have been here for a week already and people are still very excited about seeing transformation happen around the nations through this amazing ministry. I’ve also heard the excitement to open an outreach opportunity for others, as well as expanding the mercy ministries this base is already doing. Which I am very happy to hear how much energy they have towards this.

Over the next couple of months I will be working really hard in 2 areas. 1.- Figuring out the best process of registration. One that is easy to navigate and for the groups to sign and go! And 2.- The pricing of the trip to Romania and Uganda. I have been pressing them to get this number right, but it hasn’t been an easy process. They still don’t fully understand everything that goes into running a successful Home of Hope experience. But, as long as they keep trying and pushing, this will work out. So, there’s not a lot to report on the furthering of HOH in Europe, other than I am here and getting to work!

With that being said, I do have some news to share as well. Last year in the 2 months I spent in Lausanne, I met this girl, named Ye-Ji Hwang. We went out a couple of times and decided to stay in touch while I was gone. We pretty much talked every single day and got to know each other as well as you can get to know someone being apart. But now that I am back, we have decided to make our relationship official. She’s an awesome girl, beautiful in every way possible. She’s was born in Korea but grew up in Tanzania where her parents are still missionaries. She studied in the US, so her English is perfect. Way better than mine! We have a lot of the same interests! Some of the main ones being: God, missions, people, nations, travel. And when it comes to Homes of Hope, she’s excited to (when its time) make it her ministry as well. And I’m excited to do the same for her calling. There is so much more I could say about her! Haha! I would be very happy to share more if you message me! šŸ˜‰ For now, I will finish this part with a picture of me and her and one of her.









Thank you, for being a part of this movement. Little by little, we will see Homes of Hope being built in Europe and Africa. And little by little, we will see churches, businesses, schools and any other groups being sent to impact the nations. This is happening!!


Prayer requests:

1.- Please continue praying for the finances. God has been more than generous up until now though every single one of you! But, as I move around to set it a good program, there are expenses that come with it.

2.- I need a lot of prayer for a good settling. This base is VERY different than San Diego/Baja. The 2 months I was here before weren’t easy and this week so far, hasn’t been either. But, I believe this season here, is in God’s heart.

3.- I have an upcoming trip to Dominican Republic and El Salvador. To build and attend the Homes of Hope International meetings.

4.- Last but not least. That God will bring me to those divine appointments and that we can see Homes of Hope being ran this summer in Romania!


I love you all and look so much forward to hearing from you! šŸ™‚ Blessings!!!