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Hello from Switzerland!!

I just wanted to give a quick update on how’s its going here in Europe. It’s only been a week and a couple of days since I got here, but it already feels like a month!! Which it’s a good thing.

The main reason for this visit was to connect with the YWAM base here in Lausanne, get to know the staff, their ministries, be a part of the community and let them know about me. Also, to start casting out the vision and hear feedback from them. One of my desires is for Homes of Hope to be embraced but each staff member in this community, and the response from everyone here so far, has been beyond amazing. They all received me with open arms and expectant to hear more about HOH. They gave me space during a community meeting to share about my vision and the vision of Homes of Hope. I took the chance to also share a couple of video as testimony of what’s we’ve seen happening. The Lausanne base is even willing to make the effort to raise the money to go on a HOH trip as a community, so that the staff here can experience first hand, what it is to give a home away! I am more than excited about this!

I am very thankful for the year that has happened, as I have been able to travel with HOH and learn more about what God is doing in the different countries and how God keeps impacting those receiving the homes, as much as the ones giving it. Also, I’ve had the chance to be closer to the time zone of some places where we wanna see HOH started. I’ve had the chance to have conversation with Uganda and just recently, a conference call with a base in India! which has been a dream of mine to visit someday. I was able hear about what they’re already doing in the communities where they’d like to see HOH and how the ministry can really help further their relationships with the locals.

Lausanne base has a strong focus on training, so the work here has been more kitchen, some maintenance around the base. But it has been great to share those times with the people here. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the month and a half I have left on this visit and for the time when I come back as full time staff!!

Once again, and I can’t say it enough. I’m deeply thankful for the support you have given. I do know it’s an effort on your part, and I try to make every day count! All of this is happening thanks to God and YOU! 🙂

I will be sending a report at the end of this visit and let you know how things turned out! Blessings and I look forward to hearing from you!