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Quick update!


I really wanted to take the time to make an other post about how my first 3 weeks have been here in Switzerland and to give some exciting news!

First, I wanna say that the time here could now have been more fun and amazing that it is. It’s been challenging because it’s a total different base, ministries, people and language! But, God has really shown me that this is where I am meant to be for this time. I’ve met some amazing people that have been with YWAM for a while, some for a very long while. I have been able to use some of the skills that God gave me to build a playground for the kids on base (pictures coming up). I realized that I could learn french! Which has been a desire of my hear for years. And I feel that God is just using this time for me to keep growing.

God IMG_0195knows! One of the weekend here, a student (that doesn’t speak english), invited me to his house for the weekend. Or so I thought. But what ended up happening was, he said he could give me a ride to Lausanne, (where there’s an other YWAM base) and then give me a ride back. But God bless the different languages, the day came and I got in the car hoping to have a good weekend with Martin, his wife and 11 year old. On the way there, I find out that they only thought they were giving me a ride. Long story short, they end up receiving me with the idea of me riding the train back to Burtigny. It ended up being an amazing time. Great conversation and singing to Jesus! I got to share my testimony and pray for them. At the end, they arranged for me to travel with an other Mexican family to Geneva where somimage1eone else was gonna pick me up, we’d go on a prayer walk and then they’d take me home. So, I did ride to Geneva with a very nice mexican family and they they dropped me off at a church, where my other host would pick me up. Funny thing was, they never showed up. Only texted me to say, “I’m not there”. When I asked where to go, I got no text back. So, lost in Geneva, never used public transportation before, not speaking the language, I had to find my way home! Haha! But, God has always shown me Hid favor when I need it. I found an american that knew exactly where to go and where to get off the bus to get the train. I had my awesome data that allowed me to receive and send texts so I could get a little help. And, I made it home!!! Nice train ride from Geneva into Gland and then a 10 mins bus ride into Burtigny. AMAZING WEEKEND!
Also!!! I said I would never do this, but I know God has moved me to start a long journey of digging into His Word and learn more of Him and His ways through it. So, I signed up for a online SBS (School of Biblical Studies) with YWAM. A school designed for YWAMers that would like to continue serving while studying the Word of God. It’ll be a 2 year journey, but one I know will make me stronger. Please be praying as I take this school. It’s gonna be a lot of work and commitment. But one I am willing to doIMG_0224